just think of it like when you eat a watermelon seed...same thing she'll be fine. 6 Other Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Your Dog Might Like Eating. The rind is difficult to chew and could pose a choking hazard if the dog ingests whole pieces of the rind. Dog owners should always remove the tough rind before giving watermelon to their dog. Jennifer R. Another thing to pay attention to is - he shouldn’t eat too many seeds because that can cause a blockage in the intestines. But let’s take a closer look at the fact that watermelon is a vigorous provider of the vitamins your dog needs.This appetizing fruit is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. dog ate watermelon rind. Moreover, start out with couple slices and see how your dog reacts to this fruit. No, your dog should not consume the rind of the watermelon as it does not offer any health benefits and may become a choking hazard. Started acting really weird about 24 hours later. Later that night, we found corn cob in his stools. This kid started eating a whole watermelon at the starting of the game. Of course, just like anything else, it’s important that you give your dog this treat in moderation. My dog pee a lot after 1.5 watermelon slices? Never affected him negatively. It’s not the slightest bit toxic to them, and it can actually be quite thirst quenching. Intestinal obstruction or diarrhea are some of the results that the dog would suffer if food remains that are not digestible accumulate in its stomach. Read all about giving watermelon to your dog here. The only thing you shouldn’t give him is rind, since it probably contains pesticides. Watermelon is our dogs’ favorite cold, summertime treat. The short answer is yes, dogs can eat watermelon, but before you feed your dog this tasty fruit, there are some things you should know. Watermelon seeds can block up your dog’s intestines, which can quickly become an emergency. The seeds can block their intestines and generally be uncomfortable to pass and the rind could lead to digestive issue and a whole lot of stomach discomfort. If you believe your dog ate chocolate, call your veterinarian immediately or call the Pet Poison Helpline (855-213-6680) for advice. If this happens, monitor your dog for changes in behavior. skin) and seeds (i.e. But you should wait a while with the desire to treat the dog with sweet treats, not figuring out if she can eat it. We took him to the vet, who put him on fluids and gave him an xray. Remember, moderation is key. Watermelon has plenty of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for your dog's health, and they're made of 92 percent water, so they can be especially refreshing on a hot day. 5 years ago. But, if your dog is a larger breed and only ate a small amount of chocolate, it is most likely not a medical emergency. The owner feeds the dog a slice of watermelon As the owner held a piece of watermelon in front of the dog. If everything seems fine, you can keep giving your dog watermelon. Still, there are some concerns when feeding watermelon. Watermelon also contains essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium, each of which is necessary as an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet for your dog.. ... My dog will eat anything, even eats the seeds of the palm tree, although I see she poops out the seed. Nor should the dog ingest the seeds of the watermelon because they could also cause problems in the stomach as it happens with the rind. Watermelon is more than a summer fruit, it’s available all year.As long as the seeds and rind are removed, and this healthy snack is offered in moderation, when can dogs have seedless watermelon is up to you. Edgar. Just like you wouldn’t eat the seeds or rind, you don’t want your dog to either. but owners are confused can dogs eat watermelon?. So whether your dog ate a whole pack of Orbit gum or just one stick, head straight to the vet. When it comes to your dog eating watermelon, you do need to watch out for the seeds and the rind. This means that your dog doesn’t have to feel hungry, and your vet will get to see the weight loss they recommended. Other Ways to Feed Watermelon to Your Dog While it’s rare, it is also possible for your pet to be allergic to watermelon. What to Do If Your Dog Ate Chocolate. Without seeds. Don’t allow your dog to eat rind or seeds from the watermelon as these are choke hazards. It’s perfectly fine to feed your dog with watermelon. How often can dogs eat watermelon does not depend on the season. According to WebMD Pets, the seeds, stems, leaves, and rind of watermelons are all dangerous to dogs. I had a dog that used to eat watermelon rind all the time. It’s totally fine to feed Fido this fabulous fruit. Consuming watermelon rinds can also lead to intestinal blockage, especially for smaller dogs. Watermelon is a very healthy food for dogs and puppies. Y'ALL. He lived to be 17 years old and never had any … Larger dogs should get no more than half of a regular-sized banana as an occasional treat (a few times a week at most), and smaller dogs should get just a few suitably small pieces. Please stop whatever you're doing right now, because there's a video of a dog eating watermelon that I PROMISE is more important than anything you have going on in your own life. He would also eat corn cobs whenever he got hold of one. Orbit gum does contain xylitol: the amount varies by flavor, but any amount can be dangerous depending on the health and size of your dog. No, your pooch should not consume the seeds of the watermelon as they may cause health problems, choking, or toxin poisoning. Watermelon rinds and seeds could be a choking hazard, and some people claim that they can … Giving your dog watermelon is a fresh change from the diet. This means that your dog can eat a serving of low-calorie watermelon and feel fuller for longer than they would if they ate a dog treat that was lower in fiber. Like many fruits including cantaloupe, watermelon can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea if your dog eats too much. IF fact, he loves them. Most dogs love this refreshing and nutritious treat (especially in the summer). Especially if your dog is small. 0 1. Info: All tested foods in our videos were checked for safety on the American Kennel Club website before feeding. Exercise caution when feeding this juicy fruit to your dog; there are two parts from a watermelon which should not be fed to your dog: the rind (i.e. A bit of melon won’t harm your dog. ... Tonight, she ate a whole package of uncooked dry oatmeal. Who doesn’t like eating melon! pips). When it comes to your dog eating watermelon, you do need to watch out for the seeds and the rind. If your dog accidentally ate too much of … Maya’s favorite fruit is watermelon! I use them frozen for dog treats instead of always buying them. Other than that, it completely harmeless for your dog to eat watermelon. yes my dog has ate everything from barbie shoes, to underwear...and even the corner of the wall...oh and the coffee table. MY dog is a golden lab mix! My dog ate tons of watermelon rind before I knew it was supposedly bad. My dog ate Orbit gum – what do I do? Lethargic, limping around. some dog loves watermelon. 17 2 This hippopotamus is eating a whole watermelon in one bite. Each dog owner wants to pamper his pet with something tasty. He continued till the last, the watermelon boy they were calling him. One such cute and funny video of a dog named Cheshire, eating a slice of watermelon just like a human, will surely make your day. We were told to take him home and monitor him. Firstly, you should never feed your dog watermelon with seeds. How Much Watermelon Can A Dog Eat? Ideally, most people should eat between 100 to 150 grams of sugar per day from all their food combined. 0 0. Eating watermelon is not bad, but excess of anything can be unhealthy, even it is as healthy a watermelon. So this afternoon I gave my 10 week old doberman puppy 1 and a half slice of watermelon(no seed), she happily ate all. Always keep your dog’s size in mind; the smaller the dog, the less watermelon it should consume. You can even make frozen watermelon treats for your dog. A whole banana is about 105 calories, so keep the 10% rule in mind and share your own banana rather than tossing a whole one to your dog. The sugar from watermelon is racking up your count." My dog ate chocolate! We’ve seen dogs eat a LOT of watermelon! My dog ate a corn cob 2 days ago. It’s 90% water so even if they ate 2 whole watermelons in a row, it would still be OK according to the veterinarians we’ve consulted with. Fear not! Moderate amounts of the fruit will ensure a healthy and hydrated you. The dog looked at it for a while and he started eating it the … So, if your dog has ingested a lot of chocolate, the best thing to do is speak to your vet straight away. What to do if your dog ate too much watermelon. Lv 4. Cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew are mouth watering. Comments. Cantaloupe is a close second. Don’t worry if your dog accidentally eats one or two—but consuming a lot of seeds could be a cause for concern. Just like you wouldn’t eat the seeds or rind, you don’t want your dog to either. The seeds can block their intestines and generally be uncomfortable to pass and the rind could lead to digestive issue and a whole lot of stomach discomfort. A Lot. Your dog may not like all fruits, so he is not made to digest carbohydrates and plant tissue. can dogs eat watermelon. dont worry you will see that orange seed 'soon' haha. Before you toss your dog a slice, there are a few things you should know:Dogs should not eat watermelon seeds, as they can cause intestinal blockages. Chocolate can be toxic for dogs. My dog ate Extra gum – does Extra gum contain xylitol? Watermelon is safe for dogs to eat, as long as it doesn’t contain the rind or seeds.