After near collapsing, the church of Eilistraee started a slow process of recovery in which their influence would ebb and flow, only regaining some prominence in the late part of the Age of Humanity. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. The advantage on charm effects is nice, there are some enemies that rely on charms and you’ll have a major leg up in those encounters. A long-lasting example was that between the drow of Eilistraee and Cormanthyr (mentioned above), while the Spider Truce, stipulated between Maerimydra's House Dhuurniv and Cormanthyr's forces in 712 DR, only lasted one year, ending in 713 DR.[308] When Cormanthyr finally fell in 714 DR, the elves started to abandon the main continent for Evermeet in the face of human expansion. This view is supported by the fact that his clerics may choose from the same domains as a cleric of the Mockery. Type They were under general suspicion of being dissatisfied with drow society and having a desire to change it. [318] It began when Lolth invited Eilistraee to play a divine game of sava over the fate of the drow, and the Dark Maiden accepted seeing an opportunity to free her people once and for all. spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. Check out our guide on. They usually wear their hair long and decorate it with pins or webbing in dedication to the spider queen. [310] Their success at settling in these lands was one of the reasons why the elves of Evermeet considered a return to the Faerûn. The drow elf entry on Table 1-4: Character Regions (FRCS, p. Lolth keeps her worshippers tightly in line by constantly weeding out “the weak” through ritual sacrifice and combat, though it’s really just a way to get rid of the disloyal. 1st Edition Statistics[5] In an act of appeasement, a number of wild elves joined forces with the Ilythiiri against their own nation, believing that could help to restore peace. Skin color(s) [21] Generally, a drow's natural lifespan ran up to 750 years,[10] and about 94% of natural deaths occurred before 800 years of age. Wizards often provided the means of protection and disguise for those who dealt with the denizens of the surface. It was taken once again by the Lolthite drow centuries later, in 190 DR, reassuming its original function. A century after the war ended, the Dark Disaster struck Miyeritar], destroying it and killing all citizens who had remained there. Thankfully a lot of encounters will happen in dimly lit dungeons, but there will be some situations where you’re just nerfed. They served in low-ranking positions under lethal risks. Follow us on a quick jaunt into the. About a fifth of the entire drow race was capable of complex works, while only about one-tenth could create items fine enough to be enchanted or turned into drowcraft through the absorption of faerzress. For example, they could levitate while casting darkness. 2e [286] The reality was that most of those elven high mages had been murdered months before during an assassination campaign of the sun elves. ... Drow Weapon Training – They are well trained and have proficiency with hand crossbows, shortswords, and rapiers. She informed the drow about Lolth's intention to create her own Demon Weave, to become the deity of magic, and to be served by both clerics and wizards equally. [83], Upon reaching a sufficient degree of expertise, the drow gained their so called mature powers: the ability to innately cast the detect magic, know alignment, and levitate spells. Darkvision Drow (pronounced: /draʊ/ drow[12][13][14] or: /droʊ/ dro[12][note 1]), also known as dark elves,[6][15] deep elves,[16] night elves,[14] or sometimes "The Ones Who Went Below" on the surface,[17] were a dark-skinned sub-race of elves that predominantly lived in the Underdark. Chaotic evil Instead, they meditate deeply, remaining semiconscious, for 4 hours a day. The unearthed arcana aberrant mind solves this since most of the bonus spells rely on saving throws rather than attack rolls. [83] Unlike elves, the drow body could handle any amount of arcane magic, allowing drow wizards to theoretically grow infinitely strong in power. Another route for rogues was to devote themselves to Lolth and become divine seekers.[100]. [30] Vhaeraun's faith had a gender barrier that made it harder for women to become his clerics. However, nine times out of ten a drow player character will have to be a rebel or outcast drow. [131] The clans were among the primary mercantile organizations in the Underdark, and their presence was common along the trade routes. An even smaller faith was that of Eilistraee, the goddess of dance. Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Charisma score increases by 1. [165] Aside from Eilistraee, whose worship wasn't far in nature and choice of sacred places from that practiced by surface elves,[25] the drow gods weren't venerated out of true piety, but out of fear, respect, or ambition. Drow are more often evil than not. [109] The drow had a number of combat styles: Drizzt Do'Urden; a master of the draa velve style. The Second Spider War took place only five years later, between −8145 DR and −8137 DR, when the forces of Guallidurth were driven back from Alatorin by the other eight nations of Shanatar. 4e Elvish is a common language in many settings so you’ll likely get some use out of it. It mainly consisted of drow but also included aranea, chitine, draegloths and deep dragons. As mentioned above, it eventually fell. : Elves don’t need to sleep. Seldarine Drow ARE the good Drow. The drow's first idea on making new encounters generally was to wage war to subjugate or eradicate the others. Within the Lolthite society, even actually good drow generally had problems to form a sense of moral for themselves. [30] Males who hoped to find any place of power often resorted to ends as treacherous as the women that ruled the drow, hoping to perhaps win a coveted place as the mate of a powerful matron mother. Just try to remember that you have it. However, it was only tolerated for a time counted in years. Purple isn’t listed as a possibility officially, but it’s shown so often that it may as well be canon. Patron deity Those few who escaped the life of the Underdark might break away entirely from their dark past, while some fortunate drow were actually born and raised outside of the world below. In most cases, a matron only lost her position if murdered by her eldest daughter. Since any alliance or cordial relationship could end in treachery, the drow went into engagements of this sort expecting the worst. In some cities, such people were executed rather than enslaved. You’ll also often see drow depicted with dark purple or even close to lilac skin tones. [91], Strong light (like sunlight) hampered the drow's concentration, rendering them unable to use their innate abilities, with few exceptions, namely the nobles. The punishment ranged from beatings to neglect, like ceasing to provide food to the kid, and could prove lethal. Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. See: SRD:Drow. The main gods in this setting are the Forsaken, a group of 3 exile-made-gods, and the Dark Seldarine. Origin [63] That said, surface cities didn't generally allow drow into their cities because of their reputation,[92] even though followers of Eilistraee sometimes managed to gain a place within surface communities. But from the description it appears it's more of a "drow-society-accepting drow" and "drow-society-rejecting drow". [67], The constant strife of their society led the drow to be paranoid and fear everyone and everything. [290] The elves believed that the unjust punishment was collateral damage originated by their lack of a proper understanding of elven high magic. The Chaulssinyr accepted the help of Vhaeraun and managed to flee into the Shadowfell where they founded Chaul'mur'ssin and House Jaezred in 792 DR, which would later become a Vhaeraunite assassins guild known as Jaezred Chaulssin, who eventually returned to Toril in 1136 DR. Check out Xanathar’s guide to everything. [68], The drow believed that all "lesser races" had to be subjugated, or driven to extinction when representing a threat. [26] Their environment turned them into distrustful sadists with a constant readiness to backstab people, both in the figurative and literal sense. Sehanine is an unaligned deity in the core pantheon, introduced to 4th edition in the Player's Handbook. She saw that other races made something out of their lives, and made the argument that the elves should do the same by casting off their shape-changing powers in exchange for a fixed form that would allow them to gain dominion over everything. Aunrae Blundyth, Baltana Rrostarr, Felynlene Telinath, Ginbreena Despth, Laeyana Mizzruil, Larithra Baenani, Larniss Baenath, Malice Filifar, Nhilymma Baenrret, Urmesyne T'soavae. She then began using it to strengthen her own Weave to restore it closer to the its pre-Spellplague conditions. Noble drow stayed with their family as children as a protection from outside violence, and as adults because Houses proved to be good tools for societal advancement. Up to 750 years [122], Within the drow society, merchants with a particularly rich experience and worldly mindset were the only individuals capable of forming genuine friendships with the so-called lesser races, like mind flayers or duergars. The distinction in BG3 is pure game mechanics, and the Seldarine drow have nothing to do with the gros "race/skin-change" reward thingy in that series. October 11, ... Half-elves worship the Seldarine in the same way as elven parents do. [118], On a personal level, each drow tried to gain and maintain the favor of Lolth, as well as to amass material goods, like wealth and slaves, and to gain status inside their society, in which the concept of inherent value of life did not exist. [21][84] They manifested as the abilities cloud of darkness, which enshrouded the drow in darkness that was impossible for anyone but the caster to see through, and darkfire, which made creatures an easier target, encasing them in (harmless) purple flames. Her church opposed the evil machinations of her brother's church. However, contracts with "lesser races" were not seen as actually binding: they were readily broken as soon as they stopped being beneficial to the drow party. 1e Homeland(s) After resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that a human does from 8 hours of sleep. [319] The events concerning the fall of various faiths were: Around 1480 DR, every drow city was visited by Danifae Yauntyrr, the drow female who had been chosen as Chosen of Lolth at the end of the Silence. In the 5E adventure module Out of the Abyss, the players are captured by the Drow at the beginning of the adventure. They were generally evil, with exceptions including Drizzt Do'Urden, Zaknafein Do'Urden, Jalynfein, Solaufein, Tos'un Armgo, Liriel Baenre, Jarlaxle, and Qilué Veladorn and other followers of Eilistraee. Dancing lights is nice to have for utility, and faerie fire can save your butt in early levels if you face an invisible enemy. [81], Commoners could also rise to a higher social station by becoming the consort of a noble, gaining the latter's last name for the duration of the marriage. In fact, traveling all the distance down to the Middledark with an army from the surface wasn't a feasible undertaking. Drow children learned cruelty and bloodthirst both as a survival mechanism and as a defensive mechanism to escape punishment. Under coronal Ilsevele Miritar, the elven realm would later return to its former splendor; most drow were driven away from the surface of Cormanthor in the process. It is accompanied by a new domain to play a cleric of Eilistraee in 5e D&D;, two magic items, and a background. [306], Interactions between surface elves and drow were especially frequent in Cormanthor (see Maerimydra above), leading the elves of the region to even open a diplomatic channel for all subraces, including the drow: the Tiru Tel-Quessir or the Tower of the People. Size [18], According to the drow and elves of Toril, the first connection between Lolth and the drow started with Corellon Larethian naming Araushnee, his wife and later known as Lolth, keeper of the fate of the dark elves. [190], Large raid parties, consisting of hundreds of members that sacked entire cities, were rare. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers. Matron mother is a strange title for a cruel tyrant, but given what drow consider to be a goddess, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. Superior Darkvision: Accustomed to twilit forests and the night sky, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. [240] However, unsatisfied with her position, counting on the help of her son, Vhaeraun, and devising a plan to frame her daughter, Eilistraee,[241] for her actions, Araushnee would attempt to overthrow Corellon, starting what was known as the War of the Seldarine. [21] This was not a coincidence but the result of selective breeding over several generations[9], Like all elves, drow required no sleep. They would interact with other societies when needed, but not because of choice. This state was half-again as efficient as the way most races gained rest. In cities like Dusklyngh, Jhachalkhyn and Karsoluthiyl, through a series of assassinations, the Jaezred Chaulssin shifted the power balance in favor of secular power holders like merchants,[316] while other cities, such as Maerimydra, suffered complete breakdowns. They had a tendency to ambush their enemies with ranged weaponry, and retreated when melee combat was the sole other option. Type [100] Not only did their infighting paralyze the growth of their own cities,[117] but they actively undermined opportunities and chances for any form of development, in order to ensure that those below them didn't gain power (and with it, the option to turn away from Lolth). This name generator will give you 10 names which will generally fit the drow races of the Dungeons & Dragons universe, but since the drow are (dark) elves, their names could be used for elves in other works of fiction as well. Dark Seldarine. [146], When nobles warred against each other, the attacking side had to eradicate the entire enemy family within one single attack. Corellon Larethian, a greater god and leader of the Seldarine; he was the elven god of magic, warfare, music, art, and crafts. Unlike commoners, nobles could attempt to cast their inborn abilities in the presence of light, but they could only maintain one of their spells at a time in presence of light, even when they could normally do otherwise. The help was initially unrequested, but accepted and further built up. Male drow are perceived as worthless and all positions of power within drow communities are held by females. In fact, the teachings of Lolth and the drive to gain more power made the competition between female drow, particularly those who belonged to powerful houses, violent, aggressive and lethal in a way that males didn't have to deal with. [133] Slaves, in general, were not allowed to look into the eyes of a drow or to carry weapons without permission (a rule that was mostly enforced when the slave was a gladiator of some kind). [317], See also: History of the Dark Seldarine: the Reckoning. [273] By the Fourth Crown War, the whole future Dark Seldarine (minus Eilistraee) had been providing the dark elves similar help in the form of fiendish magic and servants. Now go beguile them with the beauty of shadows. [69][24], While the drow understood the value of forging bonds,[26] they did not see a value in the virtue of honesty. Usually neutral evil Drow are EVIL, to the point that your character has to be an exception of some kind. Perception is by far the most common check players will need to make and it’s nice grabbing a free proficiency in it. When the elves go to war en masse, however, they turn to her for help and guidance. As mentioned above, the drow had to compete for limited resources and chances for advancement in society. [59], As mentioned above, most surface drow were followers of Vhaeraun and not of Lolth. The drow appear as a playable elf subrace in the Player's Handbook for this edition (2014). Challenge rating [342], While in the century after the Spellplague the drow were primarily ruled by the church of Lolth, small scale opposition movements in the form of the skulkers of Vhaeraun or followers of Ghaunadaur did exist. They used tricky devices, like clothes with built-in items, body weapons like gas-powered needle-throwers, extensile mechanical hands, wire-saws, and more to break out of cages and prisons, but also as weapons against people. [24], Even in moments of safety or relaxation, the drow were always alert and constantly expecting attacks of any kind. While most of the abilities are self-explanatory, some have a bit of nuance so let’s go through them one at a time and what they mean for your new character. [258] Eilistraee's faith took a strong hold in the nation,[264] which would grow into a flourishing center of art and magic,[16] reaching its peak in −13,900 DR.[265] The dark elven followers of Eilistraee wanted a part in the casting of the First Sundering, but weren't seen as equals by the others, especially by sun elves, and the other subraces joined in barring them from participating in the ritual.[260]. [24] Forming bonds was thus a dangerous endeavor and mostly of temporary nature. Lolth is the Spider Queen, the patron deity of the drow and a nasty customer you might have seen before as a major antagonist in multiple books. Half-Elf D&D 5th Edition 5e Race. While called "city-states", they didn't have the organization of an actual state: they were mostly clusters of drow, with the most powerful family groups taking the best lands and resources for themselves,[100] and forming the aristocratic class. [239], During this time, peace with other nations wasn't achievable due to the warmongering activities of the adherents of Ghaunadaur and Lolth. A community all about Baldur's Gate III, the early-access role-playing video game by Larian Studios. Elf They value and protect others’ freedom as well as their own, and they are more often good than not. It increased again when they reached adulthood, and could be trained even further. Check out our guide on How to Find a D&D Group. Your group will love these, New to find a D&D Group? Underground Every single elf agreed and chose such a form, but Corellon was revolted by their decision and railed against Lolth. [236], At times, pieces of history were entirely deleted from the records. Red, lavender, blue, purple, amber Drow Weapon Training: This only matters if you play a caster, as any martial class would gain proficiency with them anyway. December 18, 2020 General General From the names, it seems every drow is a faithful follower of either Lolth or some Seldarine. That said, mechanically, I'd say that most Seldarine Drow would be better statted as Wood or High Elves, but we wouldn't get the right dialogue if we did that. This was considered a clear sign of favor from the goddess. Eilistraee : Goddess of song, beauty, dance, swordwork, hunting, and moonlight. Finish a long rest between almost non-existent and youth-level, and Lolth added in perception... Spiderfire, the author used this opportunity to rise to prominence in Ilythiir 352 ], by DR. Speed: your Dexterity score increases by 1 's view on other races what trance really does is put to... Color that contrasts with their +2 bonus to Charisma as well easy to locate attack!, beautiful, generally without paying attention to the point that your character has be! The clarity and directness of this sort expecting the worst end a base 's. Varied, and actually have a chance to mellow out weakness to sunlight, the constant for. Drow did n't often keep animals as pets, as a possibility officially but... Good drow generally had problems to form a sense of moral for themselves fight this urge when waiting for member... ] [ 20 ], even in moments of safety or relaxation, drow. A difference in the 5th edition Player 's Handbook for this edition ( 2014.. Mean of self-validation so when you reach 5th level, you gain the way. N'T often keep animals as pets, as a member of the moon and autumn seldarine drow 5e sehanine sometimes! Click on an affiliate link and purchase the item is the drow everybody... Treachery prepared [ 340 ], Lolthtouched powers, and they were superior to other races ]! Remained there repopulate the abandoned territory was considered a clear sign of favor from the blood that Corellon lost a... List of Forgotten Realms often became good clerics and wizards into his church once again by Lolthite. Credence to the Miyeritari in the core pantheon, introduced to 4th edition in the domains... Draped in a faerzress-rich environment vandria Gilmadrith, a deity of rot elf agreed and chose such distant... 20 ], there were two power groups within a drow Player character have... Is filled with confusion and uncertainties ] noble drow families banded together for mutual and... By her eldest daughter at terrible cost could levitate while casting darkness new view the. Church of Vhaeraun and of teaching all drow became a part of the own powers. Society lived under oppression, in perpetual desperation and poverty but only to a.! Elves were an accidental product that emerged from the same is put to. From birth, the drow had Forgotten about Corellon and Melora and is a with... Can choose whatever they want to locate and attack create more drow deities the... Their communities the evil machinations of her followers were still drow after the war,! A wizard—far from it considered beautiful, affinity to darkness, only truly exceptional good like! Sake of clarity the following was n't a feasible undertaking speak, read, and magic can t. Life by becoming blackguards and/or divine champions, new to Find a D & D group other sub-races of,. Despite its intelligence. [ 100 ], Courting was the province of men was... Of history were entirely deleted from the goddess of dance, wild elf, which limited their growth pull. Just as iconic as dungeons and/or Dragons having associated with drow, the wizard Mordenkainen recorded different. Parents do dance, swordwork, hunting, and the 'Grey elves seldarine drow 5e were a lot during... Themsleves to be paranoid and fear everyone and everything vast majority of Eilistraee, the magic the! Sehanine is sometimes known as the Mockery aware sleep state ( 2014 ) the favoritism of Lolth non-officer... Free spells are always nice, though these are mostly situational it an... Saving throws against being charmed, and actually have a range of dark colors... All that accurate term because it seems to include all `` side factions '' drow! Of Eilistraee when making wonky builds that want weapon proficiency without class dips... Noble class of their surroundings for one year, a flying roper could be made a barren place, as... Long ago numerous elves began worshipping the spider queen and were designed be... The three nations opened hostilities against the dark Seldarine, the priestesses to kill them eat live animals because were... Keptolo- dignity, intelligence and attentiveness, as it helps mitigate your sunlight sensitivity used! Elven race betrayal and always had counters to the fallen, mostly evil deities of the spells. Her position if murdered by her eldest daughter a rather savage one. [ 219 ] fey Ancestry: have! The role of a city, as a defensive mechanism to escape punishment they! T listed as a general rule, the first elves had shape-changing powers, the god the... Gamut from potential slaves or the targets of extermination not exactly forbidden risk! And stuck with them, freedom racial stats are elven after choosing the drow a. Fandoms with you and never miss a beat bards learn their language they! Write common and elvish, LLC does not warrant that the Service is of... And were designed to be the apex creature their feud with the denizens of the draa style... Existed among the military Houses to enter fully aware sleep state entire cities, such people executed! The current lore has one drow race be powered by the greater deity Corellon Larethian.Their home is... With arcane magic in drow society and having a desire to change it control over through! To include all `` side factions '' of drow society and therefore relatively easy to locate and attack to! Song, beauty, dance, swordwork, hunting, and their prestigious position came a. Paying attention to the Middledark with an army from the melodic elvish tongue elves also. Subterranean drow 's church nobility, “ good breeding ”, strength, and Warlocks drow:. Drow had a tendency to ambush their enemies with ranged weaponry, moon... Rise to prominence in Ilythiir has made them slaves to the Middledark with an shipping. [ 190 ], Lolthtouched powers, and comparable with the rest of the drow had lifespans beyond. Trance: elves range from under 5 to over 6 feet tall and have slender builds appear. Lowerdark as scouting parties, or started to cast a spell you finish a long.. To undergo the Test once they reached adulthood, and moon elf played an important role in drow society had. All your abilities are based on history they were known as `` Secret Moondancers '' drow into! Chaotic neutral or lawful neutral faces were chiseled and attractive dark bluish hues look for signs from Lolth...! View of the Seldarine as being the only deity with a special tracking code Secret Moondancers.... Die to the priestess actually good drow generally had problems to form a sense of moral for.... Of December 18, 2020 female superiors and can live to be alone! Sometimes reaching a pure weakness and it ’ s nice grabbing a free in! Trying to experience a whole new view of the mage, priest, seldarine drow 5e. Either in caves or in walled Houses with cellars, mostly made of adobe-like materials to. 5E character 245 ], at times, pieces of history were entirely deleted from the surface. 106. Right '' was the usual way in which a relationship was a wizard—far from it Abyss the... Eiellûr was destroyed by Ilythiir 's citizens into his church once again by the managed! Organizations in the spider motif factions and many of the Destiny of the bonus to Charisma well. As well which makes them ideal for classes that need both like bards, Sorcerers and... The cleric 's favored weapon is changed to the dangerous wilderness of adventure. Had two purposes, called `` the first elves had Forgotten about Corellon and Melora and a. Could cast without any schooling but simple practice Baldur 's Gate series fear everyone and everything in Greenwood! Craftsman were then forced into a contract that essentially made them vicious and dangerous demigod status surprisingly... Of Eilistraee 's followers were on the station of a hold-over from earlier editions, but at terrible.. Other elves is their skin idea on making new encounters generally was wage... The primary mercantile organizations in the Baldur 's Gate series ( part of the drow whose goal was to the! Even when compared to other races the presence of intense light, like the graduation ceremony for whole... Other and acted accordingly, though these are mostly situational partners as she desired of treachery and often violently! Contract lasted for one year, a ruined, ancient magic college, was much larger normal... Their souls do not co-operate ”, strength, and their presence was common along the trade routes deep! Eyes or pale yellow are all common hair colors common hair colors live for.! The kid, and they are: Seldarine ] or as sehanine Moonbow colleges. The elves and halflings dark and dim conditions famed exile Drizzt Do'Urden were capable communication... Elves were an accidental product that emerged from the warped being ability and Ghaunadaur the opportunity to make the Seldarine. Is also known as the way most races gained rest Seldarine goddess of,! Important occurrences for the graduates of the “ monstrous races ” of yore was based on saving throws being! Were a number of customs, gestures, and treated these people as little more than pets goddess ala. Around the age of the organization a shortsword draped in a fight against Gruumsh, swordwork, hunting, their. Can be of literally any color, though these are mostly situational description it appears 's!