7 Areas Of Learning

The Seven Areas of Learning are vital in the planning and teaching of all activities at Sherwood Green Nursery.

Our dedicated staff work hard to meticulously plan the daily activities for the children that take into consideration each and every child’s uniqueness and individuality, whilst helping them achieve their vital milestone and learning developmental goals.

The Seven Areas of Learning are split in to two distinct areas: three ‘prime’ areas of learning and four ‘specific’ areas of learning.

The ‘prime’ areas of learning aids in laying the foundation for the success of children in both their academic and personal life. These three areas include the development of their communication and language, personal, social, and emotional development, and their physical development. The development of these three areas of learning can help to develop their skills further in the four ‘specific’ areas.

The ‘specific’ areas of learning are vital as they can provide an opportunity for children to broaden their knowledge and skills through a range of opportunities and experiences. These four areas of learning include Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design, and Understanding the World.