About US

Sherwood Green Nursery offers an exceptional learning experience for children aged from one month to five years. Situated on the border between Leeds and Bradford, our provision is something truly unique.

The nursery was opened by Emilia Olkowska who is committed to delivering excellence in early years care and education and strive to become the UK’s leading early years provider. Emilia believes strongly in supporting children to achieve, thrive and progress, and has prepared a high-quality learning environment in which to do so.

Bright and spacious rooms provide a calm and joyful atmosphere, equipped with natural furnishings and high-quality toys. The extraordinary garden features a playframe, outdoor waterwall, mud kitchen, as well as vegetable patches and a potting area for cultivating plants and herbs.

Our committed, experienced and highly qualified nursery team actively encourage children in their play and exploration, supporting their natural curiosity and thirst for learning. The dedicated practitioners will tune in to the individual learning needs and interests of your child, ensuring that they are fully supported to reach their full potential.

Sherwood Green Nursery was inspected by Ofsted on 5th February  2019, who graded the nursery as ‘GOOD’, which is a significant achievement for everyone at Sherwood Green and we couldn’t have done it without our phenomenal staff, their excellence drives the success and future development of Sherwood green nursery each and every day! Needless to say, we are extremely proud of them, and of how far Sherwood green Nursery has come since its inception in 2017. To be recognised as an award-winning nursery and one of, if not the best settings in Bradford is a huge accolade