Busy Bees Pre-school Room

Our 3- to 5-year-olds here at Sherwood Green have been provided with a carefully designed and accessible Pre-School, suitable for up to 34 children at any one time, to aid in their learning and development.

At Sherwood Green, the Curiosity Approach has a large influence in our vision to create ‘thinkers and doers’ by placing every individual child at the centre of their own learning and development. In preparation for their school life, the children are provided with a plethora of play opportunities such as:

  • Mathematical toys
  • Construction
  • Role play
  • Craft
  • Mark-making
  • Small-world play
  • Water
  • Sand

 Moving against the trend of modern toys and technology, learning environments are enriched with everyday items in order to promote and encourage the child’s natural eagerness and curiosity, and inspire them to create and explore. It also allows them the opportunity to use their own imagination to create and develop their own toys whilst simultaneously learning through their curiosity about the world they will grow up in. Rather than the toys limiting play, the Curiosity Approach provides control to the child to shape their own play. We take children back to a world where they must use their imagination and creativity to play with items.

Key skills such as building relationships, developing confidence, managing their self-care, and having an introduction to phonics will also be nurtured throughout the child’s time in the Busy Bees Room.