Butterflies Toddler Room

Our Butterflies Toddler Room is catered for children aged between 2 to 3 years old.

The beautiful Butterflies Room has capacity for 15 children and is divided into different areas for the children to explore. These areas are include a sand and water play area, the cosy carpet area, an exploratory book corner, role-play and small world area, sensory area, and a luxury kitchen!

There are an extensive range of role-play equipment – ranging from kitchen tools and utensils to shopkeeping objects, digging equipment, and mark-making tools. 

The large size of the room allows an open area and provides the children with the freedom to flow freely and make their own choices and supports them in making their own decisions. It allows them to explore at their own pace without putting too much pressure on them.

They also have a conjoining garden which gives them free access and provides an extension to their indoor learning. Children will be taught to develop vital skills: sharing, taking turns, and manners. Children will also be going through vital development milestones such as toilet training at this age.

You can always be assured that our dedicated team of staff are full trained, motivated, and highly committed to giving your child the best experience and work with parents to provide the best possible transition for the children.

We help your children transform like butterflies.