Makaton Sign Language is a key element here at Sherwood Green Nursery and is taught on a regular basis to all children.

What is Makaton?

Makaton is a programme of language that allows people to communicate using signs and symbols. It is a supportive tool to support the spoken language and each sign or symbol is representative of the words they are speaking, in word order.

To understand more about what Makaton is and get familiar with their mission statement, please visit:

Who is Makaton for?

Makaton is an effective tool utilised to teach communication, literacy skills, and language with children, and adults, who may be at early stages of their communication, speech, and language development. It is one of the leading language programmes in the UK for adults and children who may have communication and learning difficulties. It can be used by these individuals to communicate with each other, and to also communicate with those that share their lives with them. These can include their parents, family members, education and health professionals, and friends and family.

The rigid, structured approach to the communication can also support those who have English as an additional language and may require the extra support when getting to grasp with our language.