Mud Kitchen

A kitchen for mud? That is exactly what a Mud Kitchen is!

More commonly known as an Outdoor Kitchen, here at Sherwood Green Nursery, we promote the use of this through adult-led and child-initiated activities to create an amazing singular sensory experience through the use of cooking with real utensils and create that perfect blend of role plays both in the home and outdoor environment.

A Mud Kitchen is extra-curricular in nature – many different areas of development and the Early Years Foundation Stage key frameworks can be reached through this amazing outdoor learning opportunity. Children are able to explore and use their imaginations and creativity to get their hands on materials such as gravel, sand, water, topsoil, and compost to create different textures, consistencies, and colours.

The sounds of pouring, splashing, patting, splatting, and even mud pie making will fill the children with excitement!

Benefits of Mud Play:

There are different benefits to Mud Play and activities such as the Mud Kitchen are important in helping us get the best out of the children. These games can build the child’s confidence and self-esteem as it paves the way for creativity, teamwork, and role-play. These are key in supporting their physical socials, and emotional skills.

Many other benefits of effective Mud Play can include:

  • Development in their hand-eye coordination
  • The creation and understanding of cause and effect
  • Creative encouragement
  • Opportunities to express themselves creatively
  • Utilise their gross and fine motor skills
  • Encourage them to engage in play which can stimulate all of their senses
  • Develop key social and communication skills