Outdoor Play

Experiencing the freedom of the outdoors and fresh air is a key component of allowing children to explore the seasonal changing national treasures in the environment.

Sherwood Green Nursery provide daily opportunities to allow children to explore the outdoors, whatever the weather. This is because we understand the importance of developing both physical and mental health and believe that there are many benefits to children being outdoors for sustained periods of time.

Utilising the outdoor settings are key teaching resources and tools as it can encourage their curiosity and is also stimulating to all their senses, which can differ greatly to the way indoor learning works.

Children are encouraged to develop their communication, social skills, and confidence through curious exploration of different environments and settings. These can occur through setting achievable tasks and activities, engaging, and motivating them through both adult-led activities and child-initiated ones.

Our stimulating and enchanting magical garden features:

  • Water play areas
  • Mud kitchens
  • Fruit and vegetable patches