Here are various pictures of the awards we accumulated over the years. The aim of the awards is to celebrate, recognise and praise our practitioners and leaders for their energy, professionalism and continued dedication to be outstanding each and every day

Sherwood Green Nursery wins Job Creator award at Bradford Means Business Awards

The owners of Sherwood Green Nursery were left “ecstatic” and lost for words after finding out they had won the Job Creator of the Year category.

Emilia Olkowska and Sal Ahmed were given the award, sponsored by Mitton Group, for their “outstanding role” in boosting employment in the district.

Emilia Olkowska, who is originally from Poland, created a high-quality nursery and eight jobs within a year of opening.

Nursery wins Outstanding Contribution to the Earliest Years of Life Award

A BUSINESSWOMAN who was inspired to set up a nursery to help children “achieve their potential and dreams” has won the Outstanding Contribution to the Earliest Years of Life Award.

Emilia Olkowska, the founder of Sherwood Green Nursery, said she was “delighted” to receive the award and thanked all those who voted for the much loved preschool.