Woodwork Classes

In our pre-school room, Sherwood Green Nursery offer woodworking to all the children.

These unique learning experiences help to encompass their creativity, problem-solving skills, develop their communication and language skills, as well as developing key knowledge and skills in Maths and Science.

Empowering and giving responsibility to children should be prevalent from a young age. Sherwood Green Nursery helps to give this power to the child by allowing them to explore with real tools and materials to build their self-esteem, confidence, and sense of responsibility. It encapsulates their initial need to be challenged and provides them with the drive to accomplish tasks.

 Children are supported to develop these skills and strictly supervised as they explore a plethora of tools including work benches, vices and clamps, screws and screwdrivers, and hammers. We ensure that safety equipment is always worn, and children are explained the rules and expectations when taking part in woodwork activities.

Benefits of Woodworking:

Some of the benefits of woodworking can include:

  • Developing and supporting hand-eye coordination
  • Developing and supporting dexterity/fine motor skills
  • Using their imagination
  • Problem-solving
  • Role-play
  • Language development