Caterpillar Baby room

Caterpillar Baby room – for children aged between 3 months to 2 years old. 

Creating a calming, warming environment is the first focus in providing babies with an area in which they feel loved and cared for. Here at Sherwood Green Nursery, we believe that babies should be provided with this environment, alongside having a dedicated key member of staff to care and nurture them to support and promote their development in this early stage of their life. During this vital stage of their lives, babies use their strong exploratory senses and impulses to explore the world around them. This means that the surroundings and activities we provide them with must support their natural urge to explore and develop their curiosity.

When creating this room, we took all factors in regard to a child’s development into consideration.

  • The black and white areas within the room are used to stimulate the eye development of a child via the high contrast in pictures and photographs
  • Relaxing and cosy reading area where children can go and explore books and look at and listen to their favourite stories
  • Construction and Small World Area for them to explore and develop their skills
  • Investigation areas using heuristic play and objects that are natural.


There is a calm, relaxing sleeping area that is strictly monitored, with cots or sleep beds, depending on the age of the child and also the preference of the parents.