Parents Partnership

Working in partnership with parents

At Sherwood Green Nursery, we believe in order to attain the best outcomes, working together and sharing information with parents is a priority. This is why we make every attempt to include parents in their child’s throughout their time here at the nursery and support them in every aspect of their child’s learning and development.

Parents’ Evenings

Parent evenings are an opportunity for parents and key workers to have a sit down and discuss in detail the child’s progress and have a look through development profiles and future goals. These evenings take place bi-annually and are the perfect opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of your child in an educational setting. Additionally, we also hold a bi-annual information evening in our Discoverers room to provide details about the routines and ethos of the room.

To add to this, we provide all ongoing information in regards to the nursery through monthly newsletters, and also allow opportunities to have daily conversations with key workers.

Early Years’ Foundation Stage

At Sherwood Green Nursery, to plan and assess the children’s learning we follow the EYFS framework. Key workers are tasked with creating an individual plan for each of their children that concentrate on specific areas of learning, and also take into consideration the views of the parents. From these plans, facilitation of activities and experiences take place under observations by the practitioners to promote the next steps in learning. These observations and activities can support the key worker track the progress of each child and ensure all areas of learning and development are supported to the highest standard.

 Children in our older age range groups can make use of special group times – both adult-initiated and child-led. These can help expose children to develop skills by working in collaborative settings, and allow them to practice active listening, develop the ability to follow instructions, enhance their creativity and inquisitiveness. This allows the children to become more confident and work things out independently. They are also provided with access to music classes, phonic sessions, woodwork lessons, and regular cooking activities.