Parent Educational Blossom App

Sherwood Green Nursery have introduced The Blossom Educational Parent App, and  interactive app that allows parents a safe network to access information about their child’s day at a time suits them.

Your Blossom

The Blossom Educational App helps us at Sherwood Green Nursery document your child’s activities so as a parent you will be able to watch your child grow and develop in fun and exciting ways. Our staff upload videos and photos and parents can then log on and view  their activity. At the same time, parents can contribute to their child’s learning journey and  make notes for their key person, helping to build relationships between families and the nursery.
This will also make you feel more comfortable as you will witness your child having a happy,  safe time as they receive the support to build a solid foundation for their education and development.


Learning journeys and golden moments

Our staff at Sherwood Green Nursery absolutely love using this method as it streamlines the documentation process by reducing the need for paperwork – giving the staff more time to spend with the children! It allows the creation of higher quality observations and creates a clear link to the EYFS framework which allows us to have a greater understanding of the child’s learning and development.

Sharing timelines and updates

As you leave your children under our care here at Sherwood Green, it is important we share diary timelines with you to cherish their milestones and golden moments. As we have a collaborative approach to sharing information, there is also updates you can put on to your child’s profile. These can include their information, likes and dislikes, and any achievements at home you would like to share with us!

A strong partnership is vital to provide a solid foundation for early year development.


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