Sensory Room

Providing a sensory play experience for children is extremely beneficial to their development as it helps to build vital nerve connections in their brain and also encourages motor skill development.

Here at Sherwood Green Nursery, we have a dedicated sensory room with a wide range of equipment to stimulate the children’s five senses. Stimulating a child’s sense of smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing, and also movement and balance, through sensory play, is imperative for their learning development. The Sensory Room is an accessible area for all children to allow them the opportunities to explore, play, and relax in an environment with different lights and textures, whilst also developing their senses.

Children are encouraged to use their imagination and natural curiosity to explore a range of activities and resources. This includes:

  • Listening to calming music to relax them
  • Exploration of a colourful soft ball pool
  • A textured range of seating including soft/furry rugs and cushions
  • Coloured LED cubes
  • A fun, exciting crocodile shaped wall activity.

To ensure all children are able to experience this room, a rota has been put in place to allow accessibility for all, under the care and supervision of our experiences and dedicated team of staff.